Bali Bargains – Cheap Flights With Jetstar

Jetstar is having an incredible sale on flights to Bali. Travel in Nov – Sept (Holidays and some dates excepted).

These flights are some of the cheapest we have seen so snap them up quickly as they won’t last more than a few days!

Travel in November – September (Holidays and some dates excepted).

Click the links below to see all the flights.

We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.


Darwin to Bali Flights $129 Return.

Dep. 15/Feb Ret. 22/Feb $129   View Flight

Dep. 15/Feb Ret. 23/Feb $129   View Flight

Dep. 21/Feb Ret. 28/Feb $129   View Flight

Dep. 06/Nov Ret. 25/Nov $167   View Flight


Townsville to Bali Flights $129 Return.

Dep. 09/Jan Ret. 16/Feb $129   View Flight

Dep. 09/Jan Ret. 19/Feb $129   View Flight

Dep. 09/Jan Ret. 21/Feb $129   View Flight

Dep. 09/Jan Ret. 23/Feb $129   View Flight


Perth to Bali Flights $132 Return.

Dep. 10/Jun Ret. 27/Jun $132   View Flight

Dep. 10/Jun Ret. 17/Jun $132   View Flight

Dep. 07/Jun Ret. 13/Jun $134   View Flight

Dep. 07/Jun Ret. 15/Jun $134   View Flight


Cairns to Bali Flights $132 Return.

Dep. 23/Jul Ret. 29/Jul $132   View Flight

Dep. 27/Jul Ret. 31/Jul $160   View Flight

Dep. 20/Jul Ret. 01/Aug $169   View Flight

Dep. 20/Jul Ret. 02/Aug $169   View Flight


Adelaide to Bali Flights $169 Return.

Dep. 12/Nov Ret. 04/May $169   View Flight

Dep. 12/Nov Ret. 05/May $169   View Flight

Dep. 12/Nov Ret. 06/May $169   View Flight

Dep. 12/Nov Ret. 08/May $169   View Flight


Melbourne to Bali Flights $199 Return.

Dep. 15/May Ret. 22/May $199   View Flight

Dep. 15/May Ret. 23/May $199   View Flight

Dep. 15/May Ret. 24/May $199   View Flight

Dep. 15/May Ret. 25/May $199   View Flight


Brisbane to Bali Flights $199 Return.

Dep. 30/May Ret. 04/Jun $199   View Flight

Dep. 30/May Ret. 06/Jun $199   View Flight

Dep. 30/May Ret. 07/Jun $199   View Flight

Dep. 30/May Ret. 09/Jun $199   View Flight


Sydney to Bali Flights $229 Return.

Dep. 02/May Ret. 09/May $229   View Flight

Dep. 02/May Ret. 10/May $229   View Flight

Dep. 02/May Ret. 11/May $229   View Flight

Dep. 02/May Ret. 12/May $229   View Flight


Hobart to Bali Flights $279 Return.

Dep. 24/Jul Ret. 31/Jul $279   View Flight

Dep. 24/Jul Ret. 03/Aug $282   View Flight

Dep. 20/Jul Ret. 31/Jul $289   View Flight

Dep. 20/Jul Ret. 03/Aug $289   View Flight


Flights to Bali – All Other Departure Cities.


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